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Software Products Overview

What can Silver Tree's products do?

SRO Manager™ is a Microsoft Office Business Application that enables multiple users to build and maintain a strategic relationship repository in a corporate data base management system. SRO Manager™ uses the familar Microsoft Office user interface while enhancing its powerful and rich features.

SRO Dashboard™ provides a customizable dashboard containing executive portlets for relationship performance management and task portlets for relationship management activities.

SRO Mobile™ enables users to display and enter relationship data on mobile devices such as smart phones, Blackberrys, etc. It allows executives to check on the status of all relationships with a partner before meeting with them and prevents the executive from being blindsided.

The functionality provided by these software products includes but is not limited to the following:

Silver Tree Solutions™ is actively seeking beta test customers for its products. Please complete a contact us form to receive additional information on the beta test program.

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